What’s In Store for MSMEs from GreenOvation

GreenOvation, ProGED’s  innovative way to support MSMEs go green through the use of mobile applications, named OneWatt as winner last 03 October 2015.  Of the twenty APPs that went into intense competition after initial screening, OneWatt was named by the judges as the APP that would stimulate positive habits among MSMEs to efficiently use, better manage and sustain green innovations in energy.

OneWatt will help MSMEs select the most efficient energy source through the energon, a smart energy storage system that knows when electricity prices are at a low and the best time to draw electricity from the grid or from any power source it is connected to.

The team behind OneWatt is currently working on making its mobile application, including the hardware, accessible to MSMEs.  By mid of 2016, the team is expected to have prepared and implemented a MSME centric marketing plan for the APP.  Before market launching, the APP will be shared with selected MSMEs for trials, revisions and additional fine-tuning.

Click ProGED GreenOvation Factsheet – 12.09for more info on GreenOvation.

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