What Should we do about Electronic Waste?

RTX1IUQB-628x330Welcome to Madre de Dios, or ‘Mother of God’ in Spanish. Located in the Peruvian Amazon basin and home to the famous Tambopata National Reserve and Lake Sandoval, Madre de Dios has aptly earned the sobriquet of “Paradise of Biodiversity” for being one of the richest forest ecosystems on our planet.

However, peeking through its lush exterior, one sees the toll that decades of illegal and unchecked artisanal gold mining have taken on this region. Over 100,000 acres of expansive virgin rainforests in this region have been ravaged into toxic wastelands. Reports suggest that over 500,000 people are directly and indirectly engaged in illegal mining across Peru, and mining camps in Madre de Dios are at the epicenter of this activity.

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