The Call


GreenOvation is for college students, professionals, MSME entrepreneurs (existing and starters), OFWs, investors, industry specialists, academics, public servants, and retirees who has an APP idea that will help SMEs go green.

How would you know it is a green idea?  A yes to any of these questions is what it takes:

  • Will the APP help SMEs improve efficiency in the use of power, water and resources/raw materials?
  • Will the APP reduce adverse impacts of SME operations on the environment?
  • Will the APP improve solid and water waste management of SMEs?
  • Will the APP reduce water and air pollution?
  • Will the APP reduce climate related risks to SMEs?
  • Will the APP help SMEs offer green products or green services?

To participate, individuals or groups (of up to three members, say, an idea conceptualizer, a Mobile App programmer, and a graphic communicator) can submit one or more entries for one or any hotspots combinations. MSMEs and institutions serving them (or business development service providers) can also participate provided that each entry consists of up to three individuals. Women are specially encouraged to participate.

If you and your friends have an idea and you qualify, then, apply by completing this form. You can always come back and revise your entries before the Deadline on 15 August 2015 (Please mark this on your calendars).

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