The APPs We Need


GreenOvation seeks APPs that can ease the MSME hotspots consumption. In addition to technical elements like: user interface, data storage, data processor, internet connectivity, make calls, etc., the APPs should work with tablets, smartphones and the upcoming smart watches (if possible).

It should have features like:

-Learning. Users can regularly input current consumption (for example), process (say calculate the money equivalents, average within a range of period, obtain the maximum and minimum achieved, etc.) and  sends the data back to the user for appropriate action. Remember: “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It.”

-Feedbacking. The APP will store and aggregate the results in a big online spreadsheet thus enabling a single user to see the consumption patters of other users. Again, with such knowledge, users can act appropriately for each or all the hotspots.

-Stating the Sate. The feedback will inform the users that the consumption is either: low, high, very high and extremely high and would suggest corresponding actions (call a specialist, consult, send a text message, etc.). APP will note the action taken.

-Linking. The action may point them to the sources of help as in the PROGED website for technology suppliers or other online resources for help.

-Habit Forming. Stimulate users to come back and check the figures for the incoming period just like people coming back to watch TV telenovelas. The APPs should alarm the users to periodically measure, analyze, plan, act and learn.

Some Examples

Many APPs related to resource consumption already exist. The MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) for iPhone and Android (downloadable free from this site) looks into the power consumption of households is an example. This can no longer be submitted. However, an APP specifically for MSMEs electrical consumption even on per industry (small hotels and guest houses, food, metals, etc.) would be acceptable.

The same is true for Maynilad’s water bill calculator. An adapted version for MSMEs will qualify, specially if: (a) collected information can be openly shared with other users for comparison, (b) they facilitate business transactions rather than minimize the hotspot consumption, and (c) encourage behavioral change (save water consumption).

It is difficult to predict (or assume) what the participants will generate. However, the following are possible APP examples.

1. An electrical energy audit for sectoral SMEs, e.g., tourism, metals, ceramics, bakery, etc.

2. A complete ProGED Hotspot audit that can be made by the SME owner or by others.

3. A brownout (outages) monitor for the six hotspots to predict when brownouts will happen.

4. The Last Person Out Checklist. This integrates the photos of the areas (and vampires) to check, what are expected and actions to take.

5. Cheapest transport mode calculator.

6. Waste volume calculator (Garbology meter).

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  1. #berlinsights – I am sharing this amazing initiative, it is just great!

    • Thank you Susanne. Please do. This is only in the Philippines but the idea is contagious. Have a relaxing and saafe trip back home.

  2. #greeninitiatives – love the idea!! great!! #greenovation
    i will absolutely share this to all of my friends in fb and twitter…

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