Philippines Sanitation Sourcebook and Decision Aid

2-1335-1322035718This Sanitation Sourcebook is a first attempt at addressing the gap in information about sanitation and wastewater management, as well as about the considerations related to planning for sanitation projects in different types of environment. It distills some of the core concepts of sanitation in a user-friendly format so that the book can serve as a practical reference to sanitation professionals and investment decision-makers, particularly the local governments. Prepared by: Cruz, R., Navaluna, M.V., Galing, E., Roncesvalles, J., Sadang, R., de Dios, L.R., Sahagun, V., Luis, R., Kaimo, A., Fuellos, R., Matibag, M., Elvas, L., Sy, E. Published in 2005 with the assistance of prepared by UN, GIZ, DFAT Australia and the World Bank.

Download the document here.

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