The MetricStream Environmental Management

RFP-2015The MetricStream Environmental Management App integrates and streamlines environmental processes, including air emissions analyses, water and energy management, and waste reduction. The App provides visibility into the risk of incidents such as oil spills, chemical leaks, and improper disposal of toxic substances, while strengthening compliance with environmental regulations and standards.… read more »

Philippines Sanitation Sourcebook and Decision Aid

2-1335-1322035718This Sanitation Sourcebook is a first attempt at addressing the gap in information about sanitation and wastewater management, as well as about the considerations related to planning for sanitation projects in different types of environment. It distills some of the core concepts of sanitation in a user-friendly format so that the book can serve as a practical reference to sanitation professionals and investment decision-makers, particularly the local governments.… read more »

Green Transport Apps

contact_bg_truckGreenOvation is looking for APPs that can support current initiatives for green transportation in the Philippines. The current traffic headaches (inadequate transportation options, sustainable models, etc.) provides a very exciting backdrop for creating new innovations that we and small and medium firms can use. It can be a fleet management, proper travel planning, travel decision making and many others.… read more »

Energy Management Apps


Interesting energy management applications for your reference and inspiration.

The Top 10 Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps
Energy Management Basics for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers

Schneider Electric Energy Calculator
GreenPower Battery Saver
Noveda Energies

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mWASH Smartphones Applications

iuBillions of the world’s poor still lack access to basic water and sanitation services, yet many of them can count mobile phones among their possessions. Water and sanitation practitioners have begun to tap the potential of these phones as tools to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services.… read more »

From San Diego to Manila: Off the Grid Living in a Tiny House

This is the description of a dream come true of the off-the-grid, urban, tiny house adventure of Rob Greenfield.

It is a voice and example for those who wish to simplify their life and learn to tread lightly on the earth while leaving a positive impact on humanity.… read more »