Singapore is Leading a Water Revolution

Water3_GM1E56G13TU01_suggested-image-628x330Fifty years ago Singapore had to ration water, and its smelly rivers were devoid of fish and choked with waste from shipbuilding, pig farms and toilets that emptied directly into streams.

But it’s a very different story today. The world’s most densely populated country now collects rainwater from two-thirds of its land, recycles wastewater and is even developing technology that mimics human kidneys to desalinate seawater.… read more »

L’Uritonnoir: Harvesting the Liquid Gold from the Straw Bale Urinals

uritonnoir3French design studio Faltazi has developed a plug-in funnel to upcycle urine and bring an eco message to summer festivals. Their solution to the problem of peeing al fresco is l’Uritonnoir, a hybrid of a urinal (“urinoir” in French) and a funnel (“entonnoir”) that plugs into a straw bale to make your very own urine upcycling factory.… read more »

Google’s New Project Could Convince you to Buy Solar Panels Project Sunroof shows how much solar juice is on your roof, no math needed. Google wants to make it easier for people to consider the use of solar energy for their homes. Today has launched a tool called Sunroof Project, which uses data from Google Maps to calculate the solar power potential of your roof.… read more »

The Winners’ Project Profiles

high voltage post.High-voltage tower sky background.

high voltage post.High-voltage tower sky background.

The ProGED, DTI and the GreenOvation judges announced the winning entries and are profiled in this site by category: Resource Efficiency (RE), Solid Waste Management (SWM), Green Supply Management (GS), Natural Resource Management (NRM), Green Transport Management (GT), Water and Waste Water Management (WWM) as well as Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE/RE).… read more »