How to Decide Whether to Install Solar Panels for Your Home

1355174962479684455Compared to a brand new bathroom or a kitchen remodel, installing solar panels on your roof is about as thrilling as insulating the attic. But, like adding insulation, going solar can be a home improvement that keeps on giving—possibly paying for itself and then some. Here’s how to find out if it’s a good investment for you.

Whether or not a solar power system makes sense for you, it’s a good time to check out your options. Most of us already probably think of solar power as a sound idea: Capture abundant and free sunlight and turn it into energy. You’ll save on our electric bills and waste fewer natural resources at the same time. Everyone wins.

However, for awhile, solar power was just too expensive unless you were a modern Daddy Warbucks. Other home improvement projects tended to be higher on homeowners’ and homebuyers’ wish lists. This has all changed in the past few years. Solar is on the rise, and it’s all about the money. Read more.

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