How Plastic Waste can Stop Global Warming

Plastic WastePyrolysis is thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. It offers a solution to some of the most pervasive and seemingly insoluble forms of waste today – organics and petroleum-based products, including the full range of plastics and synthetic rubber, such as those used in vehicle tyres.

At their best, pyrolysis technologies can process all organic waste, almost all types of plastics and synthetic rubber (in separate systems). The end products of pyrolysis are bio-char and fuel.

Pyrolysis is considered a waste-to-energy technology. It is unique for one major reason; it does not require the incineration of waste in the presence of oxygen so common to waste-to-energy projects, often releasing harmful contaminants into the atmosphere that are difficult, if not impossible, to control and capture. More here.

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