Green Supply Management

6193_Sustainable supply chain_470The small and medium enterprises could be the weakest or the strongest link in a green supply chain. To enable them to participate in the chain, they would need APPs to provide them with an overview and keep them informed about the developments in the chain. One of the most important chain rule is that the weakest when unspoken could break the chain. Let us not allow this to happen. Participate in GreenOvation and enable the SMSEs to join the economic transformation.

Smartphones And The Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management: The Starbuck’s Case
TripSketch APP
123 Zero Build App 123 Zero Build is a free tool for calculating the performance of a market-ready carbon neutral office building design. This application estimates the discounted payback for constructing a zero emissions office building in any U.S. location.

Can a similar App be built for the Philippines?

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