From San Diego to Manila: Off the Grid Living in a Tiny House

This is the description of a dream come true of the off-the-grid, urban, tiny house adventure of Rob Greenfield.

It is a voice and example for those who wish to simplify their life and learn to tread lightly on the earth while leaving a positive impact on humanity. It is an extreme example for sure but with the hopes to inspire you to make small changes in your life, one step, one day at a time. Rob Greenfield and The Teeny Greeny are on a mission to create happiness, health, and freedom for all!

He has invited you to visit his Teeny Greeny house to inspire you and me in creating simple solutions and simple living.

Can small enterprises here in the Philippines benefit from this story. How? Share us your comments and if you are lucky, you may be able to participate (and even win) in our GreenOvation initiative. JOIN US!

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