Designing Green Buildings with EDGE

Edge-Logo-Hi-Res-for-Web-ResizedEDGE is an innovation of IFC. It helps you to design green buildings in more than 100 countries.

EDGE encourages resource-efficient building growth by proving the business case for building green. Whether you are constructing homes or apartments, hotels or resorts, offices, retail, or health care buildings, EDGE empowers you to build sustainably. Use EDGE only at the design stage or take your building all the way through to certification.

Design – enter your building parameters, then choose technical solutions to view the advantages of building green. Create an account and begin designing within minutes.
Achieve – reach the EDGE standard when 20% efficiency is met in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. EDGE calculates your utility savings and reduced carbon footprint.
Certify – for a small investment, obtain EDGE certification and increase the marketability of your building project.

With EDGE, you can create resource-efficient buildings quickly, easily, and affordably:

Fast– discover the ideal measures for the best return on your investment within minutes.

Simple – beneath the intuitive interface is a powerful engine that understands the climatic conditions of your location and how your building will be used by occupants.
Free – EDGE is free to anyone who registers (only certification carries a modest price tag).
Smart – view capital costs and the payback period for commercial buildings.

EDGE is available for new building projects in emerging markets.

To use the EDGE software, your business can reside anywhere in the world but your project must be built in one of more than 100 specified emerging market countries (in blue). EDGE is currently focused on developing capacity in eleven countries (in green).

→ Go to the EDGE Software. Registration is required.

For more information about EDGE, including inquiries about investment opportunities, email to this address.

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