solid waste management

E-Basura: Concerns, Opportunities are Inspiring Us

E-WastesThe amount of e-waste in worldwide circulation that is part of illegal trades, or which is unloaded straight into dumping grounds in impoverished countries, is unknown. The problem, however, exists. “If even just 10 or 20 percent of incoming devices don’t work, as some studies prove, considering the enormous amounts being transferred this would cause a considerable flow of toxic waste towards the receiving countries,” explains Jaco Huisman, the former coordinator of the STEP Initiative, a project by the United Nations University aimed at solving the problem of e-waste.… read more »

Adidas, Parley Create World’s First Sneakers Made From Ocean Trash

adidas-parley-for-the-oceans-recycled-sneakers-1-537x403Adidas’s newest sneaker is a load of garbage—ocean garbage, that is. The sportswear giant has teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, a multidisciplinary band of “creators, thinkers and leaders” who want to make ocean debris a valuable material for the fashion industry, to create the world’s first shoe upper made entirely from reclaimed ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea gillnets.… read more »

Congratulations PUP Electrifilter

Green-062715The two-member Team Electrifilter from the College of Engineering of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines made waves in the recently-concluded Go Green in the City World Finals in Paris, France.

PUP Electronics Engineering students John Paul G. Santos and Christian Sta. Romana clinched the third top spot in the 12-nation tilt which was dominated by India, France and the Philippines.… read more »

mWASH Smartphones Applications

iuBillions of the world’s poor still lack access to basic water and sanitation services, yet many of them can count mobile phones among their possessions. Water and sanitation practitioners have begun to tap the potential of these phones as tools to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services.… read more »

From San Diego to Manila: Off the Grid Living in a Tiny House

This is the description of a dream come true of the off-the-grid, urban, tiny house adventure of Rob Greenfield.

It is a voice and example for those who wish to simplify their life and learn to tread lightly on the earth while leaving a positive impact on humanity.… read more »