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Bill Gates to Invest $2bn More in Renewable Energy

Bill Gates Invest $2B Renewable EnergyBill Gates plans to double investment in green energy technology and research to combat climate change, but rejects calls to divest from fossil fuels. He announced that he will invest $2bn (£1.3bn) in renewable technologies initiatives, but rejected calls to divest from the fossil fuel companies that are burning carbon at a rate that ignores international agreements to limit global warming. … read more »

Smart Energy Conference

circular2015_energysmart_2015The  ESPhil 2015 will once again gather business leaders, energy experts and policy makers to exchange insights on breaking the cycle of energy crisis and rising energy prices that have been hounding the country year after year and how to establish stable, sustainable and competitive energy supply that can support the country’s path to rapid growth and development.… read more »

Top Ten LED Benefits

690x460xled-light-bulbs-wholesale-m.jpg.pagespeed.ic.y5Y2rcoF20Whether at home or for industrial lighting in SMEs, LED can help you improve your lighting and electric consumption.

You certainly hear and read a lot about the advantages and benefits of the energy efficiency of LED light emitting diodes vs traditional lighting. When you compare them to other energy-saving illumination methods that are available on the market today, you will find that LED lighting is by far the most power-saving and smart solution.… read more »

Energy Management Apps


Interesting energy management applications for your reference and inspiration.

The Top 10 Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps
Energy Management Basics for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers

Schneider Electric Energy Calculator
GreenPower Battery Saver
Noveda Energies

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From San Diego to Manila: Off the Grid Living in a Tiny House

This is the description of a dream come true of the off-the-grid, urban, tiny house adventure of Rob Greenfield.

It is a voice and example for those who wish to simplify their life and learn to tread lightly on the earth while leaving a positive impact on humanity.… read more »