GreenOvation PressCon

GrrenOvation Press Conference in the Department of Trade and Industry office in Makati last July 15. In attendance were DTI Director Lydia Guevarra, Ms Pacita Juan of EchoStore and ASEC Bless Lantayona, Volker Steigerwald, Ed Canela and the GreenOvation Team and GIZ PR group. The group also extended the deadline for entry submission from July 31 to August 15, 2015.… read more »

Smartphones and Development

iuRebecca Hartje* & Michael Hübler found that a significant and positive impact of smartphone and mobile phone ownership on households’ income. This impact is qualitatively robust across several robustness checks. They concluded that advanced mobile communication devices can support rural techno-economic development. Entitled “Are Smartphones Smart for Economic Development?” the paper also detailed the econometric methodology from the data gathered i household surveys in the rural Southeast Asian Mekong region at the beginning of the year 2013.… read more »

Bill Gates to Invest $2bn More in Renewable Energy

Bill Gates Invest $2B Renewable EnergyBill Gates plans to double investment in green energy technology and research to combat climate change, but rejects calls to divest from fossil fuels. He announced that he will invest $2bn (£1.3bn) in renewable technologies initiatives, but rejected calls to divest from the fossil fuel companies that are burning carbon at a rate that ignores international agreements to limit global warming. … read more »

Top Ten LED Benefits

690x460xled-light-bulbs-wholesale-m.jpg.pagespeed.ic.y5Y2rcoF20Whether at home or for industrial lighting in SMEs, LED can help you improve your lighting and electric consumption.

You certainly hear and read a lot about the advantages and benefits of the energy efficiency of LED light emitting diodes vs traditional lighting. When you compare them to other energy-saving illumination methods that are available on the market today, you will find that LED lighting is by far the most power-saving and smart solution.… read more »

mWASH Smartphones Applications

iuBillions of the world’s poor still lack access to basic water and sanitation services, yet many of them can count mobile phones among their possessions. Water and sanitation practitioners have begun to tap the potential of these phones as tools to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services.… read more »

From San Diego to Manila: Off the Grid Living in a Tiny House

This is the description of a dream come true of the off-the-grid, urban, tiny house adventure of Rob Greenfield.

It is a voice and example for those who wish to simplify their life and learn to tread lightly on the earth while leaving a positive impact on humanity.… read more »