APP to Manage Leftover Foods: Connecting Restaurants

Margaret TungWhen Margaret Tung was about to graduate from Yale, she was offered a job in restaurant management, and wanted to use it to make a difference in the food industry. It was a great company, great training, well-paying. She’d already signed the paperwork.

But weeks before graduation, she changed her mind. She wanted to follow her curiosities, and better understand how to build a business.

Tung, who is now the co-founder of PareUp, a mobile app that connects businesses with leftover food to people in need, grew up in Irvine, California, where both her parents were engineers. Her father had the opportunity to start his own company with a friend of his when he was young, but he chose not to move to the Bay Area, instead staying with his family in Southern California. The friend moved to the Bay and sold the company to AOL for $10 million. She said it was a huge lesson for her — to her immigrant parents, that would have been tons of money.

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